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SERVICE: Education

3D, Printing, "STEM" type creativity

FossaLab offers paid digital educational services and re-invests profits from all services we provide to allow disadvantaged youths and adults to do “STEM Type” projects, acquire new skills, and take life defining qualifications.

We aim to provide “STEM” type technological, and science-based education to both paid, and unpayable disadvantaged youth and adults but we have an initial focus on 3D printing and 3D modelling as a gateway to “STEM” type creativity.

Digital educational services for you; could be:

  • Helping you learn to use a 3D program.
  • Designing 3D items, and products alongside you.
  • Helping you learn to 3D print your items.
  • Helping you learn to 3D scan objects, and clay modelled sculptures.
  • Rendering your 3d items into a web format.
  • Developing a Stopmotion video, film, short.

If you would like to purchase educational services; thereby providing opportunities to yourself and to someone else, you can do so through our store by clicking the purchase link below.

Disclaimer – FossaLab is working towards acquiring full “STEM” accreditation, we do not imply the above service'(s) is “STEM” compliant or accredited at the time of sale, we offer the above “STEM type” services based on qualifications we achieved through 3DGBIRE Academy. Educational services are ONLY currently provided “by us” with YOUR attendance in person at the Platt Bridge Community Zone (Wigan), though in some cases these and other services may be provided virtually.


Educational Services


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