FossaLab Technologies (10383821) is a community organisation supporting social enterprise, that was established in 2016 by Jonathan Paul Curley, and operates from a shared communal “innovation suite” style laboratory at the Platt Bridge Community Zone; based in (Abram Ward) Wigan, United Kingdom.

As of 2016 FossaLab acts as technical support and a community innovator alongside social enterprises, charities, community groups, businesses, and residents to tackle and address local community needs, and inspire much needed innovation through technical creativity and artistic pursuits.

In the last quarter of 2016 up to three years worth of investment funding was awarded by Wigan Council’s “The Deal for Communities” Investment Fund; to Abram Ward Community Cooperative.

The Deal for Communities is a Wigan council initiative to provide new forms of digital “educational” services, access to equipment, technical knowledge, and tackle local issues.

The funding having been awarded to Abram Ward Community Cooperative has allowed them to hire the technical services of FossaLab Technologies, purchase equipment, and to provide ongoing communal access to our “innovation suite” style laboratory.

Ultimaker 2+

3D Printer

Partners and Clients

Abram Ward Community Cooperative

World Dodgeball Association

Innovate and Inspire CIC

Abram Ward Communites Together

FossaLab offers a range of services, and ensures any profits cycle back into the local community, empowering future generations to start small, think big, and reach high.

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